At Chiasma, people are at the center of our work. We believe that patients with rare and chronic diseases deserve treatment options that can improve their healthcare experiences and minimize treatment burden. That is why we work persistently and swiftly to discover and bring to market alternative treatment options.

Around the world, there are 7,000 types of rare diseases and in the United States alone, an estimated 25-30 million people are living with a rare disease1. Acromegaly is one such disease, affecting an estimated 69,000 people around the world. We aim to enable people living with acromegaly to lead a more normal life with fewer disruptions.

Our proprietary Transient Permeability Enhancer (TPE®) technology is designed to enable oral forms of medications that are currently only available as injections. TPE® may allow the development of an oral octreotide option for adults living with acromegaly and currently utilizing injectable octreotide.

We are currently focused on developing octreotide capsules (conditionally trade named Mycapssa®) to help treat patients with acromegaly.


Acromegaly is a rare and serious chronic disorder typically caused by a noncancerous tumor on the pituitary gland, which is located just below the brain.

The Unmet Need

Current treatments options for acromegaly include surgery, medication, and/or radiation. New treatment options are needed to provide people living with acromegaly more therapeutic options.

Resources & Advocacy

There are a variety of resources and patient advocacy groups available to support people with acromegaly and other rare diseases.